W3S2 [ˈlʌki] adj comparative luckier superlative luckiest
1.) having good luck
≠ ↑unlucky
be lucky to do/be sth
The children were lucky to survive the fire which destroyed their home.
lucky enough to do sth
those of us lucky enough to own our own homes
lucky if
I'll be lucky if I get any of my money back.
lucky (that)
I was tremendously lucky that I didn't die in the accident.
lucky with
We've been very lucky with the weather.
count/consider/think yourself lucky
Count yourself lucky you've got a husband like Jack.
see usage noteluck1
2.) resulting from good luck
I didn't really know your name - it was just a lucky guess .
A middle-aged woman had a lucky escape when a tree crashed down onto her car.
it is lucky (that)
It's lucky that no-one was hurt.
3.) bringing good luck
a lucky charm
4.) lucky you/me etc
spoken used to say that someone is fortunate to be able to do something
'My husband's a rich man, and devoted to me.' 'Lucky you.'
5.) be sb's lucky day
spoken used to say that something good and often unexpected will happen to someone
We're going to win. I just know it's our lucky day
6.) you'll/you'd be lucky
spoken used to tell someone that what they want probably will not happen
'£50 should be enough.' 'You'll be lucky!'
7.) I/you should be so lucky!
spoken used to tell someone that what they want is not likely to happen, especially because it is unreasonable
You want three weeks holiday? You should be so lucky!
strike it lucky atstrike1 (19)
thank your lucky stars atthank
third time lucky atthird1 (2)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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